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PUHLER PHN Rod Pin Nano Mill populara por nova energio --- litia baterio materialo negativa elektrodo kaj pozitiva elektrodo materialoj ĉe muelanta procezo.

Tempo: 2022-12-30 Sukcesoj: 48

PUHLER PHN 400 model and PHN 150 model machine are good service for lithium battery produce technology.


PUHLER push the third generation lithium cathode material lithium iron phosphate front intelligent equipment dispersion and grinding system can effectively reduce the cost of physical prototype manufacturing and personnel repetitive labor.


PUHLER ----2020 year PHN 150 Battery Industry successful cases


PUHLER has a production plant of nearly 30000 square meters and three customer experience centers of domestic brands, namely, dry powder crushing, wet grinding, and lithium battery slurry dispersion and homogenization (Guangdong Nanogrinding Intelligent Device Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institute, and a laboratory jointly built with Tsinghua University, Central South University, and South China University of Technology), It can quickly and effectively provide all kinds of lithium battery materials customers with a full range of EPC services from plant design, equipment selection, manufacturing, installation and commissioning.

Our new plan for Future~~~~

A. The third generation online lithium battery slurry (LIB) pulping system.

B. The fourth generation online lithium battery slurry (LIB) proportioning, homogenizing and dispersion system.

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